About Us

We often find ourselves confined mentally to a jail cell due to our circumstances and sin. The lie of the enemy is that we are stuck there… alone, door locked, keys lost. The reality is, Jesus took those keys over 2,000 years ago and there is no cell of sin or circumstance that we sit in which the doors are locked. Sometimes we need someone, or need to be someone, who walks over and opens the door… exposes the truth. The TRUTH will set us free. We are not meant to be prisoners, we were made to be “more than conquerors” (Romans 8:37).

But we also weren’t made to live life alone… we need each other. We believe that we need to be bold in sharing with others what Jesus has brought us through. Inside, people are crying out for help, just waiting to know they are not alone, that someone walked this journey before them. There are people that we come in contact with daily who need to know your particular journey and the hope that got you to the other side.

At thenJesus, we feel that being bold in our testimonies allows us to preach the gospel and the love of Jesus in exactly the real way the world needs it right now. For “the boldness of your testimony can set someone free!”